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studio sansaqua and mary beth

updated sun 14 jan 01


Karen Sullivan on fri 12 jan 01

Mary Beth, with regard to hot water for your studio...
I also define misery by the degree of cold water I stick
my hands in to continue working.
I am not sure what you saw in Europe to heat water, but there
is a new resource which is called a tankless-water-heater.
I am sure there are lots of new-age eco businesses who will guide
you but I did find the following: and perhaps you can go from there.
There must be versions for smaller amounts of hot water...
They are expensive, around $500.00...
bamboo karen

> I just loved Marianne's term so much I had to use it. Lovely word. Now I
> have thought about the code bypass hose system, but because cold water is so
> miserable on my hands, I want to add the option of heat. Does anyone know if
> we can buy those lovely little heater things that mount on the wall. You see
> them all over in England and Europe. Can switch on the heat when wanted.
> My studio is not at all well heated and insulated so even hot water I carry
> from the sink...slop, slop, mop, mop...gets cold quickly. In the summer this
> problem goes away of course. But it is quite miserable trying to work out
> there from some time in October until March at least. Whimper.
> Mary Beth Bishop
> Back in NC where it is only 30 degrees but at least no snow to shovel.
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