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the real story (was traffic in london)

updated sun 14 jan 01


Cindy Strnad on sat 13 jan 01

This thread is beginning to sound familiar.

Steve Mills of Bath, says, "You mean it (the stories about road rage) is not
true??? Shock!~Horror!"

I have to laugh at this. Quite some time ago, I spend 6 months living in
Jamaica. We in Florida had recently (well, within the past 5 years or so)
experienced an influx of professional Jamaicans escaping from their newly
communist country. (The island had, since that event, gone back to

Everyone warned us to be careful, watch our backs--it's dangerous over
there. People are crazy. It's not like here where people are civilized.
Jamaica turned out to be a very nice and friendly place. I never felt other
than perfectly safe there.

People in Jamaica wondered how we could live in a country like the USA,
where guns were legal and thugs roamed the streets, and all the people were
blatantly immoral. (They saw it on television.) The grass is greener may
sometimes be the prevalent attitude, but it's often just the opposite to
what people are really thinking.

You know, you just never know the truth until you go there and see for

Then, from Jamaica, we went to Grenada. Only a few years before, the US had
engaged in military activity there to rescue medical students (US citizens)
who were caught in the midst of an unfolding (unsuccessful) communist coup.
All the Jamaicans warned us that Grenada was a wild and lawless island whose
natives were terminally inflammable, unpredictable, and dangerous. The kids
had to leave their new camouflage clothes in Jamaica because it was feared
that the sight of such military-type garments might set the natives off and
cause big trouble.

I can tell you with all my heart that I have never visited a more peaceful
and friendly place than Grenada. We were there for a month and never locked
the doors. In fact, there weren't any locks *on* the doors. You could leave
your possessions laying on the beach, go off exploring in the coconut groves
for half the day, and come back to find your things exactly where you left
them. Better people you couldn't hope to meet. The US press made out that
Grenadians were all steaming over our military's intervention, but in fact,
they seemed quite pleased--at least, they never missed an opportunity to say

Then, I wrote to Ababi Sharon and expressed concern, wanting to know if he
and his family were safe in all the uproar that's been happening in Israel.
He said, "Perfectly safe. The stories make it sound as though the whole of
Israel is in riot, but really, it's not like that at all." (I paraphrased a
bit, but that's what he said, essentially.)

It's amazing, isn't it? How many holes there are in the information we

So, all you UK folks . . . is it true that neo-Nazi skin-heads are now in
total control of the London streets, when they can find their way through
the fog, that is?

Just musing . . . .

Cindy Strnad
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