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casseroles/pot lucks

updated sat 20 jan 01


Joanne L. Van Bezooyen on fri 19 jan 01

I have had a design idea for a few years, but have only tried it 2 or 3
times. It really needs to go to you production potters and major
throwers. I realize that anymore, no idea is a new idea, so perhaps
some of you have made these. I suppose chafing dishes etc.are very
The problem at pot-luck dinners (pot-lucks are dinners where everyone
brings a dish of food to share with the whole group) is that the host
doesn't always have oven or refrigerator space in which to store the
foods until meal time. Or, the food is left out on the serving table
for a long time.
What I've made and tried and it works, is two casserole or serving
dishes which fit one on top of each other (life the Asian baskets) and a
lid on the top. For cold foods, ice fills the top bowl in order to
preserve and keep chilled the 'salad' or cool food in the bowl beneath
it. For hot foods, hot water is placed in the bottom bowl so the steam
will keep the food above it warm. A lid is placed atop the upper dish.
I usually will put a paper towel into the ice or hot water dish to keep
it from sloshing around too much during transport.
What have you all made which is similar to this?
Tucson, AZ is icy at night and I have to put sheets over my flowers to
protect them. BRRRRRR

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