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clay query, glaze query, casseroles and clayart friends

updated sat 20 jan 01


africaunusual@MWEB.CO.ZA on fri 19 jan 01

Howzat for a mishmash of a subject?
Glaze Query:
I subbed Soda Ash for Cornwall Stone cuz Cornwall Stone here
costs! Boy does it cost! Originally the recipe was a ^5 to ^8 recipe.
It works as it always did at ^6. Can one take a Soda Ash glaze to
Clay Query: A terracotta clay I have used in the past is behaving
oddly. It is pinhole heaven. It hisses as it goes into the glaze
bucket, and bubbles and pinholes as I take it out. Rub then away
but they come back with all their cousins and second cousins in
the firing. Also, it is turning gloss glazes very dry. I have liked it in
the past because it has played very nicely with the colour of glazes
but why, why why, Delilah! Is it behaving so oddly now? Don't tell
me to ask my suppliers here that question, clay people here, with
VERY few exceptions, have the strong belief of hugging info to their
Clayart Friends: Over the years some clayarters have become
wonderful off list friends. Wonderfull over the garden fence chatters
I don't always remember that they are far, far away almost in
another galaxy but they ARE far away. Just recently I have been
lucky enough to have a Clayarter within easy phoning and visiting
distance! What a pleasure! Now she has gone and fallen
downstairs onto her head! Get well SOON Joan!
Toni in hot, muggy, mosquito ridden Durban, South Africa