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stay-at-home mug exchange:list & instructions (v. long)

updated tue 23 jan 01


Andie Carpenter on sun 21 jan 01

Okay, here's the current list of stay-at-home mug exchange participants
(as of 6pm EST, January 21, 2001). PLEASE check the list before you
email your info, to avoid double entries. If you're not on here, I don't
have your info (if you sent an email saying "sign me up", but didn't
include any info, you're not on the list). Any questions or concerns,
please email Andie Carpenter at The mug exchange
instructions (info needed, dates, etc.) are at the bottom of the list of

: ) Andie Carpenter

Sara Jh Ashodian
Cat Audette
Diane Ayers
Estrellita Ammirati
Lois Aronow
Rosie Barris
Roger Bourland
Gayle Bair
Susi Beene
Rudy Bauer
Denise Bohart
Andi Bauer
Ann Brink
Rose Bauer-Cox
Matthew Blumenthal
Judith Buchanan
Kevin Boyle
Ginny Bivaletz
Lauren Bellero
John Boalick
Sue Beach
Deborah Bouchette
Lee Bedford
Suzanne Botello
Melinda Collins
Andie Carpenter
Les Crimp
Maurice Cain
Jeff Campana
Stephen C. Cappelli
Pat Colyar
Jackie Conway
Anj Campbell
Gina Cooper
Connie Christensen
Mary Crabtree
Kathleen Chase
Dennis Davis
Steve Dalton
Lee Daniels
Susan Erickson
Mary Ernst
Laura Freedman
Mayssan Shora Farra
Karen Fisher
Carole Fox
Lynne and Bruce Girrell
Maggie Gardner
Debby Grant
Jo Gilder
Rose & Mike Haldiman
Charles Hughes
Janis Harrison
Ashley Hasselman
Lesley Hildreth
Sarah House
Karin Hurt
Don Hoskisson
Mary Higgins
Suzanne Johnston
Maureen Jenigen
Colleen Joerger
Terri Kennedy
Joyce A. Kristoffy
Mary L. Lynch
Judy Labovitz
Cheryl Litman
Peg Landham
Leigh Lunt
Sherry Lutz
Gregg Lindsley
Greg Lamont
Jim Larkin
Marianne Lombardo
Joyce Lee
Jocelyn McAuley
Jim Mason
Rick Mahaffey
Gene McGovern
sonya meeker
Jim McDonough
Sandy Miller
Milton Markey
Lela Martens
Kim Marie
Kim Morgan
Patrice Murtha
Susan Otter-Setley
Fred Paget
Karen Peters
Lorri Paustian
Cy Palmer
Ann Peters
Elizabeth Priddy
Brad Reitz
Valice Raffi
Louise R. Roess
Debi Rudman
Lori Richter
Liisa Reid
Robert Santerre
Celeste Sabel
Sharon Starkston
Sharon Sept
Cindy Strnad
Audrey Skeen
Jeff Seefeldt
Sally Strasser
Karen Sullivan
Chris Schafale
Colleen A. Schneider
Sherry Smedley
C. A. Sanger
Knox Steinbrecher
Toni Smith
Marion Barnes-Schwartz
Snail Scott
Billie Schwab
Kristi Sloniger
Kit Shannon
Florence Turnour
Paul Taylor
Joanne L. Van Bezooyen
Gretchen Woodman
Anne Worner
Chuck Wagoner
Dean Warsing
Jeff Walker
Kevin Wiberg
Diane Wild
Lena Wells
Katherine Wilson
Kimi Wolff
Sue Wheeler
Jeanne Wood


1) Send your name, mailing address, and preferred email address OFF LIST

to, preferably with MUG EXCHANGE in the subject
2) Make your mug, candleholder, vase, bowl, or whatever you would like
to send.
3) Watch your email & Clayart for updates, and make sure your name is on

the list of participants when posted.
4) In late February / early March, you will be sent an off list email
with your partner's name and address. If you haven't seen such an email
by March 15, 2001, please email Be ready to ship
your exchange piece by the NCECA dates of March 28-31 (not in early
April, not sometime over the summer, but the week ending March 31,
5) Enjoy!! Last year many Clayarters got to "meet" others from the list.

This should be a fun exchange for all!!

Additional Notes:

1) Please try to keep mailings about this off list, to keep the mayor
happy in the new year.
2) If you sent out a mug last year, but never got one in return, please
send the email of your partner to
3) PLEASE, please do not sign up if you don't intend to participate.
4) Don't worry about being a student / new to clay / etc. Everybody gets

a chance to participate.
5) I am happy to create a web page for photos of the mugs that are
exchanged, as Chris did last year, if they are sent as either photo
prints or SMALL jpgs.
6) Feel free to participate even if you are going to NCECA.
7) Any questions, please email Andie Carpenter at