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nceca bus registration calrifications

updated sat 27 jan 01


Louis Katz on fri 26 jan 01

I thought I should clarify some of the information given by Nan Smith on the bus
tours. Perhaps most importatnly you cannot possibly do all three bus trips on
Wednesday and bus tours must be paid for with the registration form. Saturday
there is only time for one tour.
The specific information on the tours is spelled out at and on the ocnference registration form.
Each year NCECA organizes sponsors some exhibitions, many more , such as the one
Nan is in are organized by others. The "NCECA ARTISTS RECEPTION" like the many
other receptions that happen during the conference is not an official NCECA event.
They are however important and add depth and diversity to the conference.

There is also a free continuous shuttle loop that runs past the conference hotels
and convention center, and numerous shows walking distance from the conference.

Several years back the NCECA board decided to institute the five dollar fee so
that a good count on the number of buses could be obtained. While there have been
snags since then there has been far less wasted bus space, and close to the number
of buses needed, a vast improvment over the past. It costs NCECA about $15 for
each seat on the bus. The five bucks just gets us a good count enough in advance
to rent the buses.