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nceca bus registration and installation exhibition

updated fri 26 jan 01


Nan Smith on thu 25 jan 01

Thursday January 25


I have been working with some conference activities this year for NCECA
2001, "Evolving Legacies". I thought it might be timely to inform you about
how to pre-register for the NCECA bus transportation this year. I assume
many of you will be registering for the conference activities during the
next couple of weeks.

Jim Connell is putting out an article in the Ceramics Monthly, March issue
titled the "CM NCECA Pre-Conference Guide". I was in North and South
Carolina last week working on the installation exhibition I curated and went
with Jim to see most of the exhibition sites in South Carolina. These are on
the NCECA shuttle.

I was very confused about all this and got a detailed description about how
it will work. I wanted to offer the information so more people can see shows
and get the pre-registration correct.

I was told that there is a $5 fee for each of the buses; the NCECA shuttle,
the northern bus tour to UNCC and Davidson Street, and the east Charlotte
bus tour to Central Peidmont Community College.

There is a difference between a shuttle and a tour. Shuttle buses will be a
continuing stream of buses that will drop you off and allow you to catch the
next bus at your convenience. They are offered for the NCECA sponsored
exhibitions. The "tours" are where everyone takes the same bus to each of
the stops (everybody on, everybody off, everybody on again, etc.). The NCECA
shuttle (a $5 fee) will run continuously with multiple drop offs and pick
ups to and from Rock Hill and Winthrop. Each of The Bus Tours will have a
set number of buses Wednesday morning and afternoon, and Saturday afternoon
to the Northern Charlotte and Eastern Charlotte routes. The number of buses
contracted for the TOURS (according to Minerva Naverette, NCECA Conference
Planner) will depend upon the pre-registration numbers, those from the
membership who pre-register specifically for a tour. So if you are
interested in seeing shows without a car it seems you must pre-plan and

In order to register to have bus service to all of the shows "with bus
service" (shuttle or tour) you should note all three buses and pay $15. If
you only pay for the NCECA shuttle a $5 fee you will go to Rock Hill, South
Carolina for the NCECA shows at Winthrop University and to the Downtown Rock
Hill area where 8 universities will have student work and where the student
installation exhibition is to be located.

I invite you to visit the UNC-C galleries to see the national installation
exhibition "Beyond the Physical: Substance, Space, & Light". This is the
largest installation exhibition formed for and NCECA Conference, including 9
artists in 3 galleries ... it has been 2 1/2 years in the making and has
been funded by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the North
Carolina Arts Council, UNC - Charlotte, and corporate donations from
Standard Ceramics, Axner's and the Carolina Clay Connection. The exhibition
opened last week and Jim Connell said it will be on of the top exhibition to
see this year.

Exhibiting artists include: Tori Arpad, Bill Gilbert, Juan Granados,
Roberta, Griffith, Rebecca Hutchinson, Yves Paquette, Denise Pelletier,
Virginia Scotchie, Nan Smith

Our Press Release about the exhibition, pre-conference lecture and NCECA
panel follows:

"Beyond the Physical: Substance, Space & Light"
An installation exhibition curated by Nan Smith including 9 artists in 3
galleries. Funded by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the
North Carolina Arts Council and the University of North Carolina -

January 19 - March 31, 2001
The Rowe Arts Gallery, The Storrs Gallery: Monday - Friday 10am -
4pm, Saturdays by appointment
The Cone Center Gallery: Monday - Friday 9am - 10 pm, Saturday and
Sunday, 1pm - 10pm

* Special extended hours during NCECA Conference - 9 am - 7 pm

BUS TOURS on Wednesday and Saturday
NOTE: A pre-registration fee of $5.00 with the UNC-C bus tour
specified should be noted when sending in you NCECA Conference fees.


BROWN, PHD: "Ceramic Installation Art"
Tuesday March 27, 2001, 7-8 pm, the Mint Museum of
Design and Craft and the UNC-Charlotte Uptown Center. 220 Tyron
Street ---- very near the hotels -------

"Installation: Beyond the Physical Substance", Holly
Hanessian, Moderator, Rebecca Hutchinson, Bill Gilbert,
Denise Pelletier, Kitty Ross, Panelists

Friday March 30, 2001, 3:30 - 5 pm

Nan Smith, Professor
Area Coordinator Ceramics Program
School of Art and Art History
302 FAC
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611
Office: (352)392-0201, Extension #218
FAX: (352) 392-8453