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pitcher with the initials shp

updated sat 27 jan 01


PurpleLama@AOL.COM on fri 26 jan 01

Just wondering if anyone knows who shp is. I have a pitcher that I use
sometimes as a pitcher and sometimes as a, dare I say it, a vase. In fact,
right now it is full of (gasp) flowers. I noticed the initials on the pitcher
and wondered whether they might belong to someone online. The pitcher was
wedding present back in '83. At the time I lived in Takoma Park, MD. I still
get a lot of pleasure out of the pitcher. Not so out of the now ex-husband.

I know someone recently commented about people using pitchers instead of
vases. I'd much rather own a pitcher than a vase. It's more versatile. I can
use it as a pitcher OR a vase.

in Redondo Beach, CA USA
Where it is raining - with thunder and lightening. My garden is very happy to
have the rain.