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sheffield slip question

updated thu 25 jan 01


ClayArtist on tue 23 jan 01

Hello All,

I am back on the listserv after a five year absence. I moved from =
Kentucky to Oregon. It took a while to get a computer. I am still =
throwing pots when ever I can get a free moment. Anyway...I have a =
question. I have used sheffield slip on occasion in some glazes. Has =
anyone else use this slip successfully in glazes? The slip is a deep =
brown when in a stand-alone. I used in in the following glaze. Not =
sure who to give the credit for the glaze to, but none-the-less it is a =
nice glaze. It is a variation of Amber Celadon.

^10 Reduction

Sheffield Slip 36.00
Custer Feldspar 22.00
Gerstley Borate 3.00
Wollastonite 14.00
Flint 14.00
EPK 3.00
Whiting 8.00

Add: Cobalt Carbonate 2.00
Rutile (light powdered) 1.00

Very glossy. Tends to run, apply thin and with a good foot.

Thanks in advance for the info!