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fw: grad school. what is letter of intent?

updated tue 30 jan 01


vince pitelka on sun 28 jan 01

> Hi all. I am applying to grad school and One of the schools asks for a
> letter of intent. What do I include in this letter? Please help me.

Amy -
The letter of intent is just what it says. Be realistic, and state your
true goals, but keep in mind what they want to see. It is possible to
combine both of those in an honest and graceful fashion. They want a
student who plans to teach or to be a professional studio artist. They want
someone who already has a clear sense of direction, and yet needs and wants
the intense ferment of intellectual and creative energy that graduate school
offers. They want someone who is ambitious and determined. They want
someone who gets along well with people. They want someone who is a team
player, who will look out for the welfare of the whole studio and the
undergraduate students. In otherwords, they want EVERYTHING! The reality
is that most graduate students want to be all those things, and many of them
succeed. If you make the most of the opportunity, as I am sure you will, it
is a time of extraordinary productivity and creativity, crammed with
stimulus and inspiration. When you make the most of it, it feeds you for
the rest of your life.
Best wishes. Feel free to email me any questions or thoughts.
- Vince

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