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where does the mind go? (was shaping bowls)

updated sun 28 jan 01


Dave and Pat Eitel on sat 27 jan 01

>Carrie Jacobson. wrote:
>What I love is your question of "where does the mind go while throwing?"
When I throw I always have to be focused completely on the clay,
which essentially forces everything else out of my mind. My forms
are best when I succeed in concentrating completely on them. Even
though my pots are straightforward and without embellishment, I have
not reached a point even after 25 years or so where I can chew gum
and throw pots at the same time. I use a Leach style treadle wheel,
so my whole body is involved in the process, as well. As I throw I am
envisioning how the pot will look after it is glazed and fired.
(Unfortunately I am not always able to recall that vision when it is
time to glaze the pot.) Thus, the activity of throwing becomes
somewhat of a meditation.

Dave Eitel
Cedar Creek Pottery
Cedarburg, WI 53012