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updated fri 19 jul 02


Mary Lou Zeek on fri 2 feb 01

Thanks to all who wrote to me in response to opening a gallery.
Contracts to wholesale accounts, I think I'm on the right track. I've
1. Pay on time (no brainer)
2. If doing consignment, 40/60 split is acceptable
3. Keep excellent records and correspond regularly with the artists.

I plan on keeping in close contact with the artists, encourage them with
their work, and learn about their techniques and what makes their work
unique. I'd like to educate the "Average Joe or Jane" about the pieces
and let them know that everything is hand-made in studios all over the
country by hard working artists. (sounds like an oath) I have many
ideas and can hardly wait to begin. Thanks again for all of the
suggestions. Mary Lou Zeek/Oregon

dayton j grant on sun 4 feb 01

mary lou my name is dayton grant and id like to be in the gallery if i
could so let me know how to apply
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Anne Hunt on sun 4 feb 01

Very valuable as a marketing tool; I'm sure Chris Campbell will chime in a a
positive note, as well. So far, I've only done the internet listing, not
the brochure.
A big "however" is that I don't yet have a catalogue and have been very
limited in sales because of it. I strongly recommend you don't list with
(probably) anyone, unless you have a catlogue/brochure ready to mail upon

anne & fluffaloriums, in Sequim, who's found out where the "spots" are in
the Big Dog for red glazes...

mudlark on sun 4 feb 01

Has anybody had any dealings with I'm interested in them
as a potential web sales tool.

Dolly Traicoff on mon 5 feb 01

Yes, I belong to since October of last year. I have had
some moderate sales from site but feel it will be better this year. Their
website is excellent, they have done some nice advertising of the artists'
works. They'll give you a password, I believe, and you can check out the
Good luck,
Dolly Traicoff in snowy Michigan

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> Has anybody had any dealings with I'm interested
in them
> as a potential web sales tool.
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Joyce Lee on thu 18 jul 02

Just heard from clayarter Phyllis Ward that an exciting new gallery is =
opening in Bakersfield tonight! Impossible for me to get there for the =
opening, but I'll surely cross that threshold sometime next week.

We have a new one here in our nearby town also. Looks as if it has real =
potential since the owner/operator seems to have the expertise and =
determination to make it work. Almost every drive-by reveals a few out =
of state vehicles in the small parking lot. =20

When did this desert rat become willing to put a couple hundred miles on =
the Honda in the desert heat for a quick look at a new gallery? I'm not =
certain exactly when that occurred, nor how, but I do know who is =
responsible ....... clayarters, who else? And I'm grateful. Thank you.

In the Mojave where the quail, the rabbits, even the lizards are doing =
early morning runs .... trying to get all chores completed before the =
relentless sun is high ... just as am I. Makes for a busy scrub acreage =
for those few hours ..... after 9 a.m., however, I feel like a =
character in Baghdad Cafe ...
no speculation allowed as to just which character..... #1 Support Person =
declares that it's Jack Palance's..... not my vision AT ALL.