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dannon's scruffy little pitcher

updated thu 8 feb 01


Joyce Lee on wed 7 feb 01

More accurate to say tough, strong little pitcher...... THEN scruffy....
maybe in-your-face .... but in a good way! Like Dannon??????? Perhaps
Dannon's pitcher was saying something that wasn't intentional... but
true, nevertheless, for that moment ... hmmmm think I'm getting into
this. I do have one of Dannon's pots that is most elegant indeed ...
extremely so ... could be saying that was who she was THAT day.... Yet
both clearly have the mark of Dannon.

By the way, I've had too many private posts on the subject of what your
pots say than I can respond to at the moment ... thoughtful, revealing
posts... several mentioned that they were TOO revealing for a public
list. Thank you for letting me see some more of the persons/artists you
are. I'll respond in time.

In the Mojave where the rabbits seem to be disappearing ... coyotes
better not be coming over the fence again! Maybe time to go out and yell
at them ... it does seem to work..... for awhile.