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sv: engobes/colored slips

updated thu 8 feb 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on wed 7 feb 01

Dear Lyn,
Tom Buck has been most helpful in helping me to work out a good deal of =
my engobe problems with regard to adhesion to the clay. However, it =
should be noted that he also made me aware of the distinction between =
engobes and slips with added colorants. Colored slips is maybe what you =
are looking into, to decorate wet or leather hard clay. If the slips are =
made up of mostly the clay body you going to paint it on, you consider =
overall shrinkage through wet, bisque and fired stages (stoneware 13 to =
15%) and the refractory properties of the materials you adding to the =
slips, you will have a good adhesion. I had a lot of flaking problems =
in the beginning of my slip making. For example I did not know that =
Zircon (I was using for whitning) was very refractory. It would not stay =
on the pot after the bisque. By adding some flux in the mix, I got it to =

Tom Buck is the expert. I can offer you what I learned from him and =
more or less the colorant percentages I use. But what cone are you =
fiirng? Do you want to paint or dip? Look in the archives, there is a =
lot of infor there.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark