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tile glazes:matte or gloss

updated sun 11 feb 01


Stephani Stephenson on sat 10 feb 01

about a week ago someone on list was asking about the pros and cons of
matte glazes on tile versus gloss glaze.
I think the question was why are matte glazes preferable, when glossy
glazes are perhaps stronger. Or something to that effect.

I have asked around and here is what I have heard.

Glossy, glassy, glazes can be dangerous on floor tile. They are slippery
when wet. Can be lawsuit slippery when wet.
Glossy, glassy glazes can show wear unevenly and noticeably. The light
reflecting qualitity of a gloss glaze may highlight damage, wear and
tear..Even though they seem more scratch resistant than supposedly
softer matte glazes, when the gloss starts to wear unevenly, the floor
can become unsightly.

now of course there are a thousand variations on gloss and matte glazes
and many different firing temperatures, so this isn't a blanket
statement on all. Just some things to consider.

Stephani Stephenson