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updated fri 9 feb 01


Marion Lyon on wed 7 feb 01

I bet no one has thought a thing about their own spit when they =
have tested the new whistles fresh from the kiln!!
Sorry.....I just can't believe you whistle blowers haven't done =
that a few the heck could you sell one if you didn't know =
if it would work or not? As for myself, I am a "closet" pot ='s fun to take a wooden mallet and check out the bell tones =
of the new pots when they are displayed in my shop! Sometimes, you can =
actually make up little melodies..............and it's a good way to =
check for the integrity of the walls of a vessel. I have one right now =
that looks perfectly OK....but when I struck it went BOINK! There are =
no visible surface problems so the flaw must be somewhere in the =
wrap-a-round slab collar I attached to a thrown bottom.=20
I Love this site. Even though I have run out of lots of =
energy as the years kept piling up, I still appreciate all the =
wonderful information I have received through everyone's generosity and =
good will. I may not be able to do things like build a slab roller or =
construct a new kiln but I sure like the idea that it MIGHT happen, =
sometime before my ashes are added to a distinctive (I hope) glaze.
Thanks, =
In =
Massachusetts waiting for a big snow storm that only seems to exist on =
the weather channel. Weather forecasting remains more an art than a =
science. ( Ooops....did I say that? Here I sit 3 1/2 hours after =
writing this letter and there is so much snow coming down I can't see =
across the street.)