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updated mon 23 jun 03


rohde on fri 9 feb 01

i am building a fast fire wood kiln... i need to know what is "flex =
and why do you need it on the kiln?

also does anyone know of any clay bodies for woodfire
and ash glazes?


artimater on sat 27 apr 02

Today I got fresh tires and mags on the Monte Carlo....And fixed the =
leaking hose on the power steering pump.....Ahhh hah ha.....!!!!!I f you =
don't like the way I drive stay the hell off the =
sidewalks!!!!!!!!HEHE....Goodyear with Vspeed rating......American =
Racing chrome wheels.....Ya'll think I should get a little nitros =
bottle?.............woodfire manana....I may have 5 or six pieces in =
there....I'll hang out though.....I like fireHEHEHE.....I stick sticks =
in the holes and light ciggies with the flame....
If you only get 5 pieces in yer woodkiln???....You think you =
should make em good ones?????....Or just ramdom out of the =
output????...I got a little of both in there....Mebbe I should get off =
my butt and do one all by myself?....That's a lot of work to do by =
There will be food tomorow; like there was last night.....
!!!!!!Last nite Brookhaven college cut the ribbon of the new art =
facilities!!!......We had Cajun Bob cookin' up the catfish and hush =
puppies.....AND "Lexi and WHO"S your Daddy"!!! featuring Lexi and the =
perfessor!!! Greg Jacobs on guitarYeeee Hawww...They were belting the =
blues and there was dancing goin on....I saw it!!!!.....Not to mention =
the show in the new gallery which is one of the best in =
Yeah life is hell and then ya DIE....And then you get a couple good =
days where stuff is just so outstanding that you can't even take it all =
in....Did I mention the good BUDS I've found recently???.... Making pot =
trades on the internet????....And running into my oldest potter =
buddy(remodeler now)(too bad) Mark Foster???.....and pulling up at =
Pavoratti's with my new mags on????....I think I'll down a couple of =
them Red Stripe Beers tonight...Then tomorrow I'll be lighting those =
cigs with sticks and a little hang overHEHEHE.....Did I mention having =
the squirts for three days from eating Long Johns???? ........Or that =
hellacious charley horse I got in my leg the other morning????....I =
guess it all balances out, huh?.......You just keep doin
"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"
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Chris Manjoine on mon 21 oct 02

Just a FYI if anyone is leaving in eastern Iowa or Western Ill. This
weekend woodfire or

Mike Carroll on sun 22 jun 03

The link below is for a "student" firing I sponsored
at my studio. The team shot is missing some students
as we had people from SUNY Geneseo, Rochester Inst. of
Tech., Roberts Wesleyan and Alfred. This firing
reminded me of the wonderful time I had at Peters
Valley as a "student" firing the anagama with Jim
Jansma and friends. For me that has always been part
of the appeal of the process, it can't really be done
alone. We get to share the experience as well as the
creativity, pots and pigs (see the pics).Of course,
the other part of the appeal is a great shino glaze
(thanks Dick Aerni!) on a fire-flashed, ash-dusted
We salt chamber 2, about 4 lb. but not chamber 1 and
the retriever's name is Cooper and he is a doof.

It was a good firing and something I hope to offer
again next spring. It was done as a kind of
"scholarship" thing with referrals from their profs.
Chances are if there were fees for this, I would not
get to meet these people. I know students have other
"free" pottery opportunities if they can get into an
assistanceship, and I pass on what I know. This was a
pretty low committment deal and they all still have
their jobs!

Mike Carroll

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