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reply to snail about gallery rant

updated wed 14 feb 01


Sandy Miller on tue 13 feb 01

Hi Snail,
Thank you for your input. It was determined the slides were for postcards.
I received an elegant postcard from this gallery for his last show. He
and I both deal with Modern Postcard where we get 500 postcards for around
$100. I will take care of my own mailings, about 100 cards.

I live in the same town. I don't have a problem sending him paying
customers. He has sold quite a bit of work for me. Yes, he keeps the
lights on, yadda, yadda, yadda. But I expect more from a gallery than
lights and MC/Visa. Everything has been last minute and rushed. The
opening is Feb. 23 and if we sell allot of pots we will both be happy!
Thank you
Sandy Miller