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ancient greek oil lamps and terra sigillata kiln.

updated sun 18 feb 01


Khaimraj Seepersad on fri 16 feb 01

To All ,

I have never done this -

in the book -

Greek Vases - Dyfri Williams .
ISBN 0-7141-2030-8

A design for Kiln .

and how to fire Terra Sigillata to the finish known
as Attic Ware . Temperatures for Oxidation , Reduction
and re- Oxidation . Needed to turn the Red Iron Oxide
into the Flux - Black iron Oxide .

This black vitreous slip will turn a razor blade . I would
imagine it is a glass .

* It can also be a red gloss slip as well .

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From: ferenc jakab
Date: 16 February 2001 6:37
Subject: Ancient Greek oil lamps

>I have been approached to produce some classical era oil lamps for an
>oil producer. My research suggests that some lamps had, what one source
>calls, a black glaze liner to prevent oil saturating the terracotta body of
>the lamp. It is my understanding that the Ancient Greeks actually did not
>use glaze as we understand it, but a black "terrasigilata" and that the
>method for producing that colour is still unknown. Can any one confirm this
>and or make suggestions for a black low fire liner for these items.
>Remember I'm living in Australia. I don't have access to U.S. suppliers.