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artimator's message... and tea bowls

updated thu 15 feb 01


Tommy Humphries on wed 14 feb 01

Hello St. Rush

First off, though I liked your teabowls, several of them a lot, my opinion
should not be taken above any others as it is just opinion. Just
because someone doesn't agree it don't make them wrong, they just look at
things differently.

I looked and liked what I saw, but what I saw was not the teabowls of
ancient Japan, they were fun and playful, not serious cups to be used in
ceremonies. I bet yours wasn't fired for 10 days in an anagama kiln

The life of a working stiff is far removed from the academics' life, where
(as I understand it) they start out learning about art history, and learning
to uncover the meanings buried deep in artist's work, the working man begins
by getting his hands dirty, honing and polishing his craft until somehow,
without knowing exactly how they are producing things that are perceived as
art. The academic, after years in the system can find themselves at
somewhat of a disadvantage when first starting out, due to lack of
experience in the "real world" I have several friends who went through the
whole art school thing, who though extremely artistically inclined, had few
skills to draw on to express them. I helped them with their throwing skills
and they, in turn helped me begin to see and understand some of the art
around me.

Arti, sometimes you come off sounding pompous and egotistical....(just
thought you should know...:^) ) and some here can take that too
seriously, but for some reason, I like the way you shake things up. As for
gobbledygook and artspeak, I tend to tune it out. A long time ago I was
reading about Don Reitz in studio potter mag. and enjoying his work. Then he
started the artspeak and totally lost me...let the art speak for itself.


Tommy Humphries

"`You know, it's at times like this, that I really wish I'd listened to what
my mother told me when I was young.'
`Why, what did she tell you?'
`I don't know, I didn't listen.'"
(Douglas Adams)