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copper oxide use

updated fri 23 feb 01


iandol on wed 21 feb 01

Annette Vickers wrote:

Does anyone have any idea where I can find how much copper oxide is used =
in the U.S. and internationally for this application?

Ther is an information brokerage company which follows the trading of =
metals and other minerals. They issue annual reports about almost every =
thing that is mined and processed. This is definitive information but is =
not cheap.

I think you would be able to trace them through the New Your Stock =
Exchange. Their research office would be the best place to start for =
help. Other wise, don't you have a Library of Congress which collects =
this sort of imformation.

Hope you get this question answered!!

Ivor Lewis. Who noticed that the stock of his favourite Miner, a =
supplier of Lithium minerals, is on the rise!!