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flameware/industry/ new 'clay' stuff...

updated sat 17 feb 01


Philip Poburka on fri 16 feb 01

Some years ago there were plans to make Automobile Engine Blocks out of a
rather hi-fire Ceramic.
I have not kept up on the developements, tho'...

This could be quite interesting!

I did have a 'ceramic' business card which was about as thin as a regular
one...but lost was somewhat flexable and very tough if memory
serves...I think the guy I got it from was using this material as a
'canvas'(so to speak) for reproductions of Red Skelton's 'Clown'
pictures...which were 'fired' into/onto the ceramic sheets...(?!?!?!?)

Who made these?
Anyone remember?


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From: mel jacobson
Sent: February 16, 2001 6:58:35 PM GMT
Subject: flameware/industry

yes, industry is making some amazing things of clay.
a couple of years ago, national geographic did a story on
what is being made.
flexible knives, sharp as can be.
stove top cooking pots.
parts of rockets.
(i cannot make any of those in my stoneware kiln.)

but, do people on the list have stories of other amazing things that
are made of clay?
please tell us.

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