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good book on japanese teabowls

updated sun 18 feb 01


Bret Hinsch on fri 16 feb 01

The bases for handbuilt Japanese teabowls always look so nice. Is it
standard procedure nowadays for Japanese potters to throw the foot and lute
it onto their handbuilt teabowls?

By the way - a few months ago I bought a wonderful book in Japanese on
teabowls. It's called "Romon - Chawan no mikata" (My Japanese pronunciation
might be a bit off - my Chinese is a lot better than my Japanese. Anyway,
the title means "Introduction - Looking at Teabowls". The publisher is
Sekaibunkasha). This book shows beautiful large photos of exemplary
teabowls in different styles and discusses each minute aspect of the bowls
in incredible detail. The exhausting thoroughness is extremely Japanese.
And it proves to me that a great teabowl isn't easy. Anyone interested in
teabowls should definitely look for this book on their next trip to Japan.
It opened my eyes to many of the subtle aspects of teabowls that I'd
overlooked before.

Bret in Taipei

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Mike Gordon on sat 17 feb 01

Hi Bret,
I got the imoression that this book can only be purchased in Japan, is
this correct?? Has anybody tried another source?? Who was the
publisher?? Mike Gordon