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inexpensive ball mill - idea

updated tue 20 feb 01


D Bouchette on mon 19 feb 01

I bought a homemade ball mill off an artist as he went off to study in Chicago.
He built a table with 2x4s and carriage bolts to make it really sturdy.
An electric motor is mounted near the floor on one end of the table and it
runs a pulley (a belt from a treadle sewing machine) around two rotating
horizontal steel rods that are mounted near the top supports for the tabletop.
The mill uses 5-gallon pickle buckets (with tightly-fitting snap-on lids)
that he got from McDonald's for next to nothing, and golf balls instead of
porcelain. I can get two pickle jars on the mill at once, but I rarely use
it .

Just an idea.