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mes potes et mes pots updated & nceca slide workshop

updated fri 23 feb 01


Russel Fouts on fri 23 feb 01

Things have finally settled down that I can start updating my web page
again. I'm finally getting around to fulfilling some promises I made last

The big news is that I've added a page for one of my favorite clay artists,
Marta Matray Gloviczki. Some of you may have met her at NCECA last year. The
page contains mostly her "hand sized" rock pieces, wonderful shapes,
wonderful textures and colors.

The Potter's Portal has received a major links update

The navigation "bars" are a less eccentric (thank you Dream Weaver) and
therefore a bit easier to navigate.

The "Peeler Memorial Page" is next.

Also, I'm starting to get a lot of posts from people interested in
participating in the Clayart Slide Workshop. Paul actually promises to find
even WORSE slides than last year. Ya'll need to come see if he can do it.

If you want to participate, volunteer time or equipment, wrangle slides, or
just be there, send me a post off-list with "Clayart Slide Workshop
Participant" as the subject.

I'll post the details again in a few days. I'm off to Alsace on Saturday for
a long weekend.


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