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paint off old tile

updated tue 20 feb 01


Beverly Crist on mon 19 feb 01

I saw an advertisement in the Tile Heritage "Flash Point" magazine for a
business that restores old arts and crafts tile. I don't know anything about
them but you may want to contact them - TRC, 3511 Interlake Ave, No. Seattle,
WA 98103, phone 206-633-4866, e-mail

Also, you may want to contact the Tile Heritage Foundation, PO Box 1850,
Healdsburg, CA 95448, phone 707-431-8453, e-mail

And, there is a shop in the Silver Lake part of LA called Wells Antiques that
specializes in old tile and art pottery. They might be able to help you. 2209
Sunset Blvd., open Wed. - Sat 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. I haven't been there in a
while but it's a very cool shop and I hope it's still there. Sorry I don't
have a phone number.

Beverly Crist