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removing paint from old tile

updated mon 19 feb 01


Stephani Stephenson on sun 18 feb 01

I have been contacted by a person who has a Batchelder fireplace from
the 1920s. The fireplace includes field tile and decorative relief tile.
Batchelder tiles were typically not glazed but have more of an engobe
/stain treatment with a natural unglazed clay look. Tiles are
usually a light buff color with light earthtone stains.

The fireplace has been painted over during the years., possibly with
oil, enamel and latex.
because of the somewhat naked clay surface, the tiles are likely to
bond with paint, more so than a glazed tile.
The person wants to restore the fireplace and wants information on how
to remove or strip the paint without harming the tile.
Does anyone have a tried and true method or product which might be of
My feeling is that the paint would go , long before the clay was
damaged. but I myself have never done this
and so am hesitant to advise.

This person also would like to find the the name of a professional
who could do the job.
He is in L.A.

Stephani Stephenson