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tea bowl / chawan

updated fri 16 feb 01


iandol on wed 14 feb 01

Dear Lee Love,

I enjoyed reading your comments on this topic but would interpret your =
phrase < While the beginner can only be loose.> with a different spin.

Looseness suggests a degree of relaxation. Such a feeling occurs when a =
person is so familiar with the action and reaction of their own efforts =
to the degree that their practical activity is sub- or unconscious. Not =
a condition enjoyed by beginners who have to concentrate on every =
movement, have to observe every detail in order to learn and assimilate =
each task.

Perhaps the degree of difference which distinguishes Tea Bowl from =
Chawan is in the tension induced in clay and relaxation induced in the =
thrower. I suspect the relaxation of clay which gives such subtleness of =
form is achieved by fire.

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia