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tea bowl, no, coffee bowl

updated fri 16 feb 01


terryh on thu 15 feb 01

i wrote this back to wally off clayart, and thought later, mmm, i should
share this with others.
hope wally doesn't mind.

wally, thank you for your e-mail.
you should post it in clayart.
and, you ARE making a lot of tea bowls.
i think i know what you are saying about 'chi'.
there is a japanese book "hundred tea bowls i like". yes, there are pictures
of 100
famous, really famous, tea bowls in japan, some national treasures, some
important national cultural items (next to national treasures), some
nicknamed, some broken and stitched, etc etc. the author "i" is a poet and
not a tea master nor potter. his selections. of course seeing 100 is not
worth touching/holding/using the one. but still, very interesting book.
but, if you like what you make and enjoy using it, then, ....
at the same time i agree, i wish, i'd like to drink tea out of such famous
tea bowls.
i don't make many. occasionally tea bowl = coffee bowl = rice bowl just for
myself, especially when i get some new glaze i like, not exactly as a test
piece but as a kind of test piece. maybe not a right approach.
at any rate, i use it for rice at dinner, tea, a few kinds of japanese green
tea, (not for a tea ceremony tea,) a few kinds of chinese tea, tibettan tea,
english earl grey, etc etc, and of course for coffee. it's very nice to
touch and fondle as well as to sip/drink coffee out of tea bowl (coffee
bowl). at present, i have test-shino coffee bowl in the studio, and one with
a test crackle-celadon glaze in my kitchen.
happy tea bowling.
Terry Hagiwara