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teabowl website

updated sat 17 feb 01


Marta Matray Gloviczki on thu 15 feb 01

yes, i am sorry,
one of the url was misspelled- i tried sooo hard,
maybe that`s why?

lee jaffe already corrected it... thank you!
the anagama site is worth for a full day wondering
around, looking at beautiful pots, japanese, american,
australian... and not only teabowls... its really
worth to spend some time there, and for those who
dont like teabowls??? well, maybe you just looked at
the wrong ones.
ok,i am vulnerable, you can make fun of my taste, but
one gave me the goosebumbs today---<---is that, how
you say it?
under shiho kanzaki`s new texture, go to number 25.
marta in cold minnesota

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