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foam rubber stamps/small loose pots/studio name

updated thu 1 mar 01


Joyce Lee on wed 28 feb 01

Lynne Antone asked about foam rubber stamps. This response may not be
exactly on target; if that case, Paul (her #1 SP) may want to give it a

For a period early on in my clay obssession (3 years ago) I used a lot
of stamps ...... never had success with foam rubber, nor even much with
that art/craft flat foam which others seem to use well. What does work
for me are the bisqued stamps. They're my preference because I can
create a stamp to indent on clay, then make another from that original
to develop the same look in relief (hope you're following this). And, of
course, each generation of stamps ... when fired ... is smaller than the
last ... so a whole series can spring from the prototype. My favorite
impressions are from the bottoms of shoes ... birks, and the wonderfully
strong marks on various walkers, runners etc ... both indented and in
relief. Small, clean line drawings are nice, too.. also, bisqued large
stamps of feathers, or parts of a feather, work well. When I tired of
mine, they then were oxided and re-fired for a wall hanging.

hmmmm haven't used these in a long time ... might be nice on the small,
closed-form lidded jars I'm making right now (yesterday and today);
they're thrown sort of loosely with soft, recycled clay and then smacked
with various objects; easy to do because the trapped air gives me a
good, reasonably solid form to smack ... well, tap ... they ARE small.
Doug Gray, I'm using your green/navy one as inspiration .... love that
pot. Odd, now that I'm finally able to make large (2 to 3 feet)
coiled pots that sort of please me, my hankering is toward cunning
vessels that can be held in one's palm...

By the way, claybuds' advice was used..... name of my pottery now is
Mojave Pottery (instead of Pottery by Joyce) and I'm signing pots MJLee
instead of Joyce. Considered Creosote Pottery because our acreage is
full of creosote bushes (greasewood) and I like its look imprinted on
the bottom of pots ..... thought of Greasewood too... then the initials
could be GWB.... for Grease Wood Bush .... or maybe simply Dubya .....

In the Mojave where rain has ceased, birds are carrying on, roadrunner
is fooling me again .... did you know that one of his many noises sounds
EXACTLY like a lost puppy pitifully sobbing for its mom? Breaks your
heart ....