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updated wed 28 feb 01


tomsawyer on tue 27 feb 01

Howard [Axner] is going to be making a presentation on jiggering and
[between us he is a little nervous even though he'll do a wonderful job] he
turned over a lot of the "get ready details" to one of our helpers. She is
somewhat overwhelmed and I have asked several times about the name badge
proposal that I had for Clayarters. As many of you know from past
experience, the Axner booth is a beehive of activity and there really is a
lot of work involved in packing and moving equipment and other supplies to
the meeting. Consequently, I have been reluctant to push the issue
particularly in view of mel's idea about little pasty circles [mel were they
blue?] that we could place on our name badges to help identify us as
Clayarters. So mel surprise us all with a color of your choice.
Tom Sawyer