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removeable tile murals

updated sat 24 feb 01


mapikos on fri 23 feb 01

Hi All, I have just finished a 5 x 15 foot wall of bas relief tiles for
a school. NOW they tell me that they want "the option" to remove three
sections of the mural. Two of the sections measure 24 x 36 inches and
the third measures 6 x 13 feet. They expect these removeable sections to
be able to stand apart from the rest of the wall, and function as a
seperate display. I know that I must cut into the existing dry wall and
recess the murals for safety reasons. I thought I would hide the
backing with a decorative wood molding. Is hardiback/wonderboard
overkill since there will be no moisture near this wall? Does anyone
have a sturdy elegant and easy cleating system? I have one large piece
left to be made for this project ( bas relief tiles around a large
mirror) and I would like to use the same materials if possible. I need
this project to be done in my lifetime, so any advice on the removeable
sections and/or mirror would be greatly appreciated!!!