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sealing oil lamps

updated wed 28 feb 01


Logan Oplinger on tue 27 feb 01

Vince and Others,

In following this thread on oil lamps, I remember that somewhere in my reading about the production of earthenware cookware, it was stated that in order to seal the porous clay, various plant resins would be applied to the fired clay, and the clay then heated to a temperature that would dry and permanently set the resin to seal the clay.

I am wondering if anyone has considered the the possibility of coating the inside of the fired lamps with a heavy vegetable oil, then baking the lamps in an oven to about 400-450 deg. F. to carbonize the veg. oil. It may be necessary to repeat the process two or three times. I know this works on frying pans and baking pans, but will it work on earthenware?

Logan Oplinger

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