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too late to go to nceca? anyone driving from upstate ny?

updated tue 27 feb 01


Sabra Wood on mon 26 feb 01

i've been reading all the nceca posts... winsomely.

i never considered going... guess it's because i feel like such a newbie... i am not
worthy... etc.

thought i'd go when it got closer.

then today i real mel's post on the clayart room. the image of community, loosely
coming together... not to mention home-made snacks... moved me to ask myself... WHY


is it too late to be having these thoughts? i know i have til the 10th to register

is anyone driving from upstate ny.... or from along the route (erie, western
pennsylvania)... who would like to ride share? we can even use my car with its
shiny, new fuel pump.

does anyone want to share a room? i snore like a chain saw, and always travel with
ear plugs for my companions. maybe this will be the perfect time to try those nose
things a ma bobs.

sorry for the confused post, but...