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challenge of a lifetime/studio visitor

updated thu 8 mar 01


Ann Brink on wed 7 mar 01

Sheron writes: ". He says the uncle is
staying for 3 months and will need something
to occupy his time after he gets his fill of
sight seeing.
He has worked in clay in Germany and is also
a 2D artist, so at least he has a knowledge of
clay. "

Sheron- you are going to set limits aren't you? Like a few hours a week,
at specified times? Your studio is your personal space. I don't know about
you, but I don't get into the right creative zone unless I am alone, or not
being talked to. If I have someone visiting and need to work, I will do
sets of bowls or something similiar.

Does he like yard work? Trade equal time!

Unless his sternness is a facade andhe turns out to be simpatico and
non-intrusive- who knows?

Let us know how things work out!'

Ann Brink in CA, waiting for the gloomy weather to stoop

Cindy Strnad on wed 7 mar 01


We could all do with a little sternness in our lives. Some have too much. I
suspect you're the compliant, "I want to make you happy" type, as I am. And
your son-in-law, maybe slightly dominating? And you are likely to resent
this intrusion on your private space, but never say a word because you want
to help?

I hope I'm not insulting you or anything--this would be my natural response
to this type of situation, and if I'm reading you wrong, please forgive me.

My *learned* response would be more like "I'd love to get to know your
father. I'll plan to have him in my studio Wednesday afternoons, if that
works for him. If not, Thursdays would be fine."

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730