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little kids (long)

updated mon 5 mar 01


Valice Raffi on sat 3 mar 01

Hi Snail,

here's some art projects that I've done with elementary kids:

1st Grade:
* Clay - I try to start them with pinch pots, but there are those who will
make pizza, tea pots, whatever. I have them paint (instead of glaze at
this age) and I finish them off with a spray sealer - outdoors & teach the
kids how to figure out which way the wind is coming (wetting the finger -
they love that!) so they don't get any fumes.

* Tin Foil pictures - have them draw a very simple design or picture with a
marker on thin, flat cardboard. Then have them go over the lines using a
squeeze glue (like Elmers in the little bottles). Let that dry a day, then
cover with aluminum foil, wrapping tightly and taping on the back. Rub the
foiled picture with liquid shoe polish (black looks best) - looks like
hammered pewter. Colored markers will also work instead of the shoe polish
but it's fainter & partially rubs off. I usually do one in adavnce with
the foil peeled back to show the different stages.

* Modern Art Cubist Pictures - draw a very simple design and grid into
aprox 12 sections. Have them color each section a different color with
crayon, whenever they come to a line they can't go around they have to
change colors. Colors can be used more than once, but can't "touch". Then
have them go over every line with black crayon (the drawing AND the grid
lines). Paint over the entire picture with black watercolor. This is
usually a 2-3 day project.

* Music Pictures - I play cuts from an assortment of music & the kids draw
what they feel.

* "Free Draw" - they love it. Sometimes I'll set guidelines, like
evrything has to be a color that it ususally isn't (green people, etc.), or
they can only use all the blues, etc. They really love oil pastels, but I
try to get them to use one color at a time & put it back in the box before
getting out another color, it's really awful when it's ground into the

5th Grade:

* Clay (again!) - they can use underglazes and a clear coat of gloss, but
since I'd rather not fire three times, I'll sometimes use the "non-toxic"
glazes like Duncan's Envision or Mayco's 2000, or sometimes acrylic paint.
This is after they get the safety lecture & the brush cleaning

I did clay whistles once, but it was a lot of work for me getting them all
to whistle.

* Tessellated Tiles - we study M.C. Escher & they design a tessellation
whch is painted onto a pre-glazed white commercial tile using Duncan's
Concepts (one fire for me!).

* Acrylic Painting - they research a historical person or an event that
correlates to their Social Studies studies and paint it on canvas boards.

With all grades, I'll sometimes "invent" a story, and have them draw it
while I am telling it.


A good catalogue is available from Crystal Productions (800-255-8629)

There aren't many "art based" movies available, but the little kids have
loved "Linnea in the Garden of Monet" and "Please don't Eat the Pictures".
I got both from the Public Library. The older ones enjoyed one about a
couple of kids who stay in the Met overnight, the name escapes me but it's
something like The Mixed Up Files of of Mrs. Basil ..., with Lauren Bacall.

The Escher tape that I have is The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher. Another
good series is the Behind the Scenes... there are 5.

I've recently gotten some art games, Memo 1 & 11 (like Concentration with
paintings) and 21 Faces (a tessellation game), the kids like them a lot.

hope this helps!

in Sacramento