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paying a studio manager

updated thu 8 mar 01


Penni Stoddart on wed 7 mar 01

We had our monthly guild executive meeting last night and the topic has =
come up recently and was discussed in earnest last night. We need to =
find someone who will run the studio and since past volunteers deem it =
to be a huge job the exec. are thinking of paying someone on a part time =
Now this in no way is a call for applicants. What I would like is some =
information or ideas on what others have done in their guilds, centres =
or even schools regarding the running of their studios.
The London Potters Guild is about 90 members strong with 50 using a =
small studio (about 800 sq feet -guess). Our members are notoriously =
lazy so getting them to do the work is out of the question. We have =
beginners who say they don't have the knowledge/experience, others who =
say they have no time, others who "only use the studio to fire my work" =
and therefore feel they don't need to help out because they don't use =
the studio etc etc you get the picture (I hope).
I look forward to reading your posts on this.
p.s. check out our web site, I have just finished updating it and except =
of an animation I can't get to work I think it look ok.
Penni Stoddart of Penelope's Pots
President, Artisans London (Ontario, Canada)
LPG web site Manager

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