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snail kids

updated tue 6 mar 01


Karen Sullivan on sun 4 mar 01

I taught little guys many years ago...
the thing the parents loved was an
arrangement of the family sitting on a couch...
narrative ceramics/figurative in a setting
with description of family dynamics.
Charming results and fun.
All clay, and relatively small scale.

For scale, I had the kids make cylanders/hollow
that could be threaded or stacked on rebar, and
placed in the yard to create scale...
self portraits that were life sized.
Large animals, I had a giraffe.

Also place settings, plate, silverware, and
food items in clay for those of us who were hungry.

I used a red earthenware, and
an O6 glaze, opaque white with zircopax
and lots of colors of mason stains and
gerstley...for color.
Mixed one glaze and had lots of color

I was most interested in how the kids processed
problem solving tasks, really interesting.
Fun for me to watch.
bamboo karen