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what to bring to nceca

updated thu 8 mar 01


Louis Katz on wed 7 mar 01

Dear Clayart

Here is a list of things to bring to NCECA.
If you are coming early bring the list of gallerys
and exhibitions, your confirmation number for your
hotel room along with directions to the hotel and
its phone number.

Information on your rental car.

A cup for the cup sale. An item for the Clayart
Mug Exchange.

If you are presentling bring slide trays with
slides and any handouts you might want to

Sllides or other materials to show to your fellow
artists and ceramophiles.

Business cards with email addresses.

Notebook and writing ustensils

Camera and Film or digital imaging stuff.

Food if you are on a limited budget.

If you are like me, try to remember your airline
ticket and prescription drugs.

Extra room in your suitcase in case you buy books,
tools, pots or a kiln.

Where something NCECAish on your plane and you may
meet someone else going to the conference.