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an observation/soup bowls/other

updated mon 12 mar 01


will edwards on sun 11 mar 01


I have started limiting my e.mails to clayart but I have some observation=
that should be note worthy. (I post when I am able, thats limiting enough=
We were all asked to slow down contributing things that are off-topic and=

sillyness. Also it was suggested that maybe the only good replies come fr=
those of great experience and the archives might be the best first choice=
new comers sometimes referred to as "Newbies!" =

Why then are we talking about Slaw and Southern cooking which is going on=
and more? Vince has caught heck for reasonably mentioning that it is hard=
decipher information because of all the other stuff. Have we not reached =
formal agreement yet on this? Or did it finally get through that Mel (THE=

MAYOR) meant business when he said all are equal and all are important. I=
that to mean he is willing to decide for us the value of our posts since =
it is
he that is under-taking this large order. No way can I thank him enough o=
speak on his behalf! (Thanks Mel!) =

I wondered how and why so much could get read into so little when all our=

greatest potters have many times worked for FREE making bowls at one time=
another for Empty Soup Bowl functions. These are the same generous people=
lovingly worked for no money in order to give away some bowls to be fille=
d for
those who have went without food in the past of to put money back into th=
hands of those who need it. Why can't we be the same and give a little FR=
time to our up-coming potters who are reaching out and asking for help wi=
us all making a fuss and talking about all the "What if's?" Are we potter=
s or
not? Potters are known for extreme generosity more times than not. we are=

frugal enough to know when we are being plucked as well. (I liked the red=

button thing with A.S.S. written across it.) Artists Sharing Soup, Good

Please let this stand as only an observation and not a confrontation. How=
I am willing to hack it all out in private since I have to more times tha=
n I
should anyways, all in the name of equality. Of course I am the blunt one=
, but
I don't bite very hard. My love for pottery and the people is beyond my n=
to full-fill any desires of resentment and hatred. (For every soup bowl y=
make offer one FREE service to a up-coming potter. You never know how man=
more soup bowls might get out there when you do that! What go's round com=
'round. Let your love go full circle!!!

William Edwards
Alchemy 101- Where science and madmen meet and become friends.

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