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brushmaking workshop - supplies and info

updated thu 15 mar 01


Millie Carpenter on tue 13 mar 01

for a brushmaking workshop that our local guild did last fall, I very politely
asked a local furrier if we could have a few scraps. I figured that I had nothing
to loose, all he could say was no. but to my surprise he gave me a nice bag full
of scraps. some long, some shaved some dyed. and the Pursian Lamb is really
super for daubing oxides or underglaze. Sometimes I am really astounded at how
nice people can be

Millie in Md.

Nayfield, Susan (NCI) on tue 13 mar 01

I accidentally deleted the message about the brushmaking workshop in
Massachusetts. Sorry I'm too far away (metro DC) to attend.

A few suggestions for inexpensive supplies and information on techniques and

Pier 1 has bundles of small (3/8" - 5/8") yellow bamboo, 10 three-foot
pieces for $4.00

Scrap fur is available from FURS FOR FUN at $2.00/lb (the lowest price I
have found). The box I received yesterday had red fox and mink, both with
long hair and suitable for sumi-e type brushes. Contact: Hector Ramirez in
Rupert, Idaho [Phone (208) 532-4608; e-mail]

Check out the softcover book "Brushes: A Handbook for Artists and Artisans"
Lyons Press, 1996 (ISBN 1558215018). If you're interested in brushmaking,
it has a lot of useful information about materials and techniques.

If you are brave (?) enough to use fur from road-kill, PLEASE check out the
following (fly-tying) website for information about handling and processing
these materials: . Many
areas are reporting an increase in rabies among foxes, skunks and raccoons,
and mites/lice are not uncommon in deer.

Happy brushmaking!

Don Curtis on wed 14 mar 01


Thanks for the really useful information on brushmaking. Last year the day
before the workshop we went for a hike behind the studio and found lots of
interesting wood and vines. Bamboo would be a nice addition. Also I'm going
to check out the book you mentioned.