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dangerous wood

updated mon 19 mar 01


mel jacobson on wed 14 mar 01

karen terpstra will have to add dangerous wood
to her wonderful post in the `comments`section
of cm this month.

anyone that has ever wood fired, it is a must read.

kurt and i will testify to nasty cedar. we had a batch
that was dry, perfect.....and would not burn. god we
hated that wood. it would not burn in a bon fire.

we have burned everything at the farm, but we do not
ever use green treated lumber.

anything that can go wrong, will always go wrong during
a wood fire. ask nils.
you have to have a great deal of courage and smarts to
(or, be dumb as a brick) be a wood firing potter.
our baby train kiln is going to be a `good girl` this summer.
we think we have her tamed.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:

Martin Howard on wed 14 mar 01

that was dry, perfect.....and would not burn. god we
hated that wood. it would not burn in a bon fire.>

I've been trying to burn some cedar from a neighbour all winter.
Darn stuff kept going out.
Could have thrown hundreds more pots in the time I've been relighting the
Stocking up my wood store now for NEXT winter.

Martin Howard
Webb's Cottage Pottery
Woolpits Road, Great Saling

iandol on sat 17 mar 01

Dear Les Crimp,

I responded to some comments about Cedar not burning at all well in wood =
fired kilns. I know potters who do well, firing with Camphor Laurel =
which is a noxious weed in the rain forests of NSW and Queensland. Costs =
them nothing. My point was about using, say Western Red Cedar or =
Lebanese Cedar, as fuel when its value on the World market was so high.

All the best,


Les Crimp on sun 18 mar 01

Hi Ivor -

Although there is an inordinate amount of red cedar slabs available here, we
are presently using yellow cedar slabs.

Both red and yellow cedar are an outrageous price here,too. But we feel we
are living within bounds by burning it in my kiln because it will either get
chipped, burned or rot otherwise. I feel that making a pot is putting the
wood to a good use and is a value added feature.

Enjoy "talking" with you and still read all your posts.