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empty bowls and pricing

updated tue 13 mar 01


Snail Scott on mon 12 mar 01

At 10:20 AM 3/12/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Anyone else see the irony of Light One Candle pottery having to deal with
>potters so important they do n ot want a charity to sell their stuff at a
>reasonable price for charity?????

I don't. I have donated things to charity that sold for
so little relative to their market value that I would
rather have retained the item to sell, and just written
the charity a check for their $15. I could write them a
bigger check with the proceeds of the 'regular' sale.

These charities (and we, too) tend to regard the donation
of an object as 'free'. Well, it ain't free; it's materials
and labor, at least, plus (one hopes) a bit of 'value
added'. If donating a piece of work isn't the best way to
support a charity I value, I'm not gonna feel guilty
about not 'participating'.

Granted, the 'empty bowl' donations tend to be modest
enough, and not out of line with their actual value, but
if a were a maker of $50 bowls, I'd certainly think twice
about giving it over to get the charity a $10 donation.
Where's the sense in that? If I thought that the charity
might receive full value, I might reconsider.