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quality lamp parts

updated wed 14 mar 01


David Hendley on mon 12 mar 01

Angelo Brothers Company has a great selection of lamp
parts from cheap plated steel, to solid brass, to polished
and lacquered brass.
This is a big wholesale business, with customers like Lowes
and Home Depot. They will insist on credentials such as a
sales tax resale number and business checking account before
accepting you as a customer. The minimum order is $75.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

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From: Marion Lyon
Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2001 9:02 PM
Subject: Quick question

Because I am not happy about the quality of the fixtures I have had to
use for my lamps I wonder if anyone can tell me of a supplier with excellent
quality brass fixtures. The ones I have had so far are really not good and
in a few years they don't look any better...worse, actually. There must be
a supplier or manufacturer who makes the kind of quality accessories I would
like to buy. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Marion