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batts and pins and pulling up

updated fri 16 mar 01


Charles on wed 14 mar 01

Interesting notion for folks to consider, I used to have trouble with my
bats pulling up off the pins when I was throwing large vessels, I don't
anymore, the reason is I have finally figured out that "pulling" the walls
is a bad idea... in actuality you never have to "pull", rather it is simply
a steady squeezing of the clay between your fingers that causes the clay
walls to rise. If you are "pulling" you are trying to move the clay too fast
and it will pull the bat right off the pins. If you squeeze through a full
rotation of the clay, beginning at the joint between the clay and the
wheelhead, the clay is forced to rise and your bat will stay flat on the

-Charles :)

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> In my experience no matter how good your bats fit they will not perform
> adequately when throwing very tall (two or three foot) pots. To get around
> this problem I use two C clamps at 180 degrees to physically clamp the bat
> the wheel head. In my case I have found 2 inch small clamps are more than
> adequate and if you cut the screw off to about one inch or so don't
> with throwing. Of course I don't use the clamps until after centering.
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