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linda's village (was kids one day affair)

updated mon 19 mar 01


Dai Scott on sun 18 mar 01

Linda - What a super idea!! I would love to have seen the finished
project---or could it ever be considered finished? Did it actually get
fired, glazed, etc.? This would be a great idea for a school, where the
finished village (hopefully, with recognizable landmarks) could be on
display for years to come. Slab structures might be too much for little
guys, but you can make a small house, etc. by banging a small block of clay
into a house shape, then scooping out the insides to lighten it up. Add
doors, windows, flowere boxes, etc, texture roof, make stone chimney (little
balls of clay flattened), and on and on.
What a wonderfully diverse group this is---how impoverished we'd all be if
we were just sitting at home, with only our own ideas and imagination!
Dai in Kelowna, BC - happy to be part of this family, and wishing we, too,
were going the NCECA to meet all the people we've been "talking" to!
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From: "Linda Fletcher"
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2001 6:46 AM
Subject: Kids One Day Affair

Guess I should have read on before posting...I have done this sort of thing
at the League of NH Craftsmen annual fair. It is great fun!
The last time I did it, we invited the children to create a village. As the
went by , our village grew. Many of the children kept coming back to check
on the progress and to add something else they had thought of.
It is a wonderful way to introduce the kids to clay (some grown-up kids too

Have fun !

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