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updated mon 19 mar 01


Karen Sullivan on sun 18 mar 01

you asked about oak charcoal.
I use mesquite charcoal...I fire a gas kiln,
with ports in the door, when I reach cone 10 I throw
in 200 pounds of charcoal... the result you can see on
my website
on my statement page is a charcoal bowl.
So the loading is different and I bury the work in
the charcoal...but I get flashing and the melt of the
ash on the work...a function of temp and time.
So I would give it a go, see what happens.
I figure my firing is 21st century techno kiln
meets bizen fire god in terms of the affect.
good luck
bamboo karen

on 3/16/01 11:08 AM, Terpstra Karen K at terpstra.kare@UWLAX.EDU wrote:

> Hi All,
> Question 1. The metals professor here is offering me a few barrels of
> oak charcoal if I want it. I have experienced using charcoal only once
> during a wood firing while I was in grad school. Have any of you wood
> firers out there used coal as a supplement to the firing on a regular
> basis? We can weld up a couple shovels for the firebox and side stokes.
> We have a 2 chamber kiln and fire for 36 hours. We salt the second
> chamber.
> Question 2. The gallery director and I are kicking around an idea for
> fall of 2003: an Upper Midwest Wood fire Show and mini conference. Am I
> out of my mind!!!??? Probably. If you own a wood kiln (or know of
> someone) in WI, MN, MI, Northern IA and ILL, Southern bit of Manitoba
> and Ontario contact me. We would have support from local galleries, the
> school administration, etc. I would need mental and emotional support
> for something like this! Like I said, we are just kicking the idea
> around at this point.
> I'll be at NCECA (Adams Mark) and frequenting the Clayart room. Hope to
> meet many of you there. And, I'm VERY excited about the new Potter's
> Council and Fund!
> Karen Terpstra
> Assistant Professor of Art
> University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
> 1725 State Street
> La Crosse, WI 54601
> email:
> fax: 608-785-8840
> voice mail: 608-785-8842
> ps. Mel, more for CM comments: Waiting on all that snow from last fall
> to melt and wood is wet. Jeeez, can't even get to the wood pile till it
> melts. Physical plant hasn't put up the roof they promised last
> October..... CM left out the part about this all being harder than
> giving birth and choosing a mate!
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