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20 authors signing books at nceca

updated sat 24 mar 01


Michael Mahon on fri 23 mar 01

As has become tradition, Axner will be hosting many authors and subjects of
various pottery-related books at NCECA. Book signing times will be
throughout the days of March 28, 29 and 30, in the Axner booth (number 6) of
the exhibition hall. The exact times that each author will be present will
be posted in the Axner booths as well as at other locations throughout the
conference. You may bring a copy of your own book or you may purchase new
books on-site at special low NCECA discount prices. Or, you are invited to
simply stop by to meet the authors and chat.

The following authors and subjects will participate this year:

STEVE BRANFMAN, author of: "Raku a Practical Approach" and "The Potter's
Professional Handbook"
IAN CURRIE, author of: "Revealing Glazes" and Stoneware Glazes"
ANGELA FINA, author of: "The Best of Pottery 1" and "The Best of Pottery 2"
HARRY FRASER, author of: "Ceramic Faults & Their Remedies", "Electric Kiln"
and "Glazes for the Craft Potter"
CHRISTOPHER GUSTIN, co-author of: "The Best of Pottery 2"
TONY HANSEN, author of: "The Magic of Fire"
ROBIN HOPPER, author of: "The Ceramic Spectrum" and "Functional Pottery" AND
the author for updating the just released updated version "Clay & Glazes for
the Potter" by Daniel Rhodes
CLARY ILLIAN, author of: "A Potter's Workbook"
NILS LOU, author of: "The Art of Firing" Note: Nils Lou has also produced a
fine video series on making pottery.
COLL MINOGUE, co-author of: "Wood-fired Ceramics" and "Impressed & Incised
DIANA PANCIOLI, author of: "Extruded Ceramics"
SUSAN PETERSON, author of: "Contemporary Ceramics", "The Craft & Art of
Pottery", "Working with Clay", The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez",
"Lucy M. Lewis", "Pottery by American Indian Women", "Smashing Glazes", and
"Shoji Hamada". Susan Peterson has also produced a fine series of
PHIL ROGERS, author of: "Ash Glazes" and "Throwing Pots"
ROBERT SANDERS, co-author of: "Wood-fired Ceramics"
TOM SHAFER, author of: "Pottery Decoration"
PAUL SOLDNER, subject of: "Paul Soldner"
KATHY TRIPLETT, author of: "Handbuilt Ceramics" and "Handbuilt Tableware
JACK TROY, author of: "Wood Fired Stoneware & Porcelain"
PETER VOLKOUS, subject of: "The Art of Peter Volkous". NOTE: Peter Volkous
will not be present, however, he has pre-signed a number of these books for
RICHARD ZAKIN, author of: "Ceramics, Mastering the Craft", "Ceramics: Way of
Creation", "Electric Kiln Ceramics", and "Hand-Formed Ceramics: Creating
Form & Surface". NOTE: Richard Zakin will not be present, however, he has
pre-signed a number of these books for us.
JEFF ZAMEK, author of: "What Every Potter Should Know".

Howard Axner

vince pitelka on fri 23 mar 01

Under the circumstances I cannot resist telling you all that we will have a
book-signing for my book "Clay: A Studio Handbook" in the American Ceramics
Society booth on Wednesday at 3:00.
Best wishes -
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Crafts
Tennessee Technological University
1560 Craft Center Drive, Smithville TN 37166
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