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joe molinaro at nceca and other questions

updated fri 23 mar 01


Veena Raghavan on thu 22 mar 01

I don't know if I missed a post, but when is Joe being honored at NCECA,
which day, which event, and where? If anyone could post this, I would
appreciate it.

I would also appreciate help on the following, as I have never been to

Does one have to register for each individual talk, presentation, demo,
etc., or can one just walk in?

If some are by registration and others not, how does one know?

Thanks in advance for any help


Veena Raghavan

Louis Katz on thu 22 mar 01

Joe is being honored at the opening ceremonies Wed. 7-9. The only NCECA things you
must preregister for are the bus tours. Some presentations will probably be hard
to get into unless you get there early. Because presentations by Clayart members
have a big draw amoung clayarters these presentations tend to be crowded. Get
seats early.

Unfortunately there is no practical way for us to figure out how many will attend
each session. We could institute a pre registration system but it seems better to
allow people to move from one to another if they find that the session there are
in does not meet thier needs.

The Convention Bureau is providing a concierge at the registration area to answer
questions about lodging ( I hope y'all have reservations) eats, transportation

Board members have ribbons below thier name tags and should be willing to answer
questions unless they are moving between crisis.

There are several raffles including one for a plane ticket usually. The raffle
tickets are drawn during the closing ceremony.

Get some sleep before the conference so you won't need much during it. But
remember the Emerging Talent presentations are some of the best during the
conference. They take place Saturday Morning.